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I know that there's a large portion of the local population that is freaking out with excitement about how the Vancouver Canucks are in the playoffs. However, hockey's not really my thing. I like to watch a game now and then as much as the next person, but I'm not making large Stanley Cup look-a-likes out of aluminum foil any time soon.

More important news, and an issue I CAN'T WAIT to see the people on Royal Canadian Air Farce spoof upon, is that Belinda Stronach is throwing in her polical towel. Everyone knows she comes from a rich family business that her daddy runs, called Magna International, where she had a high-up position due to, y'know, her last name. She went into Canadian politics, had some sex, and came back crying to her daddy. Or, maybe that's not quite how it happened, but it sums it up.

Stronach's political career started in 2003 as a broker for the deal that merged the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties. She later ran against Steven Harper for the new Conservative Party leadership, coming in second before being elected as a Conservative MP in June 2004. Not long after, she began fornicating regularly with the deputy leader of the Conservatives, Peter MacKay. One year later, she proved that she can swing both ways as she accepted a Liberal cabinet position. Ralph Klein made a statement that was played and replayed on every news and entertainment show across Canada... watch the first clip below if you, by some freak of nature, missed it. Shortly thereafter, Stronach's relationship with Peter MacKay ended. She will remain a sitting MP for the Liberals until the next election, when she plans to resign from politics and rejoin her father's company, Magna International.

-information gathered from The Province Newspaper, British Columbia
Thursday April 12, 2007 edition, original article by Mike De Souza


Ralph Klein got a lot of flack for this short, but extremely hilarious comment poking fun at Stronach's relationship with conservative party member Peter MacKay:

Belinda Stronach puts Canada on the map. She's rich, wild and loves to have sex — or so she says. Two young people chat about Belinda, Canada's first actual living publicity stunt:

Belinda Stronach Remix- what was she thinking?: (it's 4 minutes long, but you only really need to watch the first minute or so to get an idea)

Belinda's Officially Screwed:
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