Janelle (fragile_life) wrote in canadaeh,

trip to Canada

Hey All! I was hoping maybe someone can help me or point me in the right direction..

My friend and I are trying to plan a vacation for Canada Day in Canada. We will be traveling from North Eastern Pennsylvania (usa) and have no idea where to really go in canada for the best experience.. We're hoping to spend 500 each .. for about a week for hotels.

We are 22/23 and can't really find websites with much info on 'things to do' or where to even head to....

:) If anyone Can Help I'd Appreciate it!!

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I's recommend Ottawa because Canada Day is huge there. I've only done Canada Day in 2 other cities, so I'm not really an expert. lol There's always stuff to do in Ottawa all year long. Try www.ottawakiosk.com for info.
I don't know of many big events that go on for Canada Day. If you like rock music, there's Edge Fest, a really big Canada Day concert in Toronto. Aside from that, all I hear from people is personal Canada Day parties at cottages. Sorry I can't be of much help.

Minxy_baby is probably right, though, the capital is most likely the best place for a good Canada Day experience :)