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Serious question. Please help!

Hi there fellow Canadian-lovers,
I have a serious question to ask of you all. I am looking for a duffle bag that can be used as carry-on luggage on the plane (so it must conform to the airlines' approved dimensions) with either the Canadian flag or another Canadian logo on it. Oh, and it can't be a one with wheels.
I'm from Australia, and when I was in Vancouver over 10 years ago, I bought a lovely little duffle bag from a gift shop at the airport. It has lots of storage space, and a big Canadian flag on it which I've always felt happy to show off whenever I've travelled with it. However, it's getting old and frayed now, and it's time to retire it, but I want to replace it with something similar. Looking on google today, I found a picture of an Air Canada one that would be perfect, but when I followed the link to the page of the store selling it, it's not on the website anywhere.
So does anyone have any ideas where to find a replacement??
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